Board of Directors

Our board of directors is made up of local co-op member-owners who are elected by co-op membership to volunteer to influence and design the Co-op’s vision for the future and outline policies for our Co-op to follow.

Our April 22nd board meeting will be held via video conference. Click on "Board Meeting Agendas" below to find out more.

Have a voice in your co-op!

Do you have a comment or concern about the Co-op that you want to share? Do you have a question about the Co-op or its policies and procedures that you would like to have answered? Make your voice heard by sending us a message about your area of concern.


Co-op members and board members are able to participate in committees at our co-op. Each committee has a specific purpose and a focus to facilitate the efficiency of board decisions. If you are interested in becoming a committee member, come to a board meeting and speak to a board member!

Standing Committee Charters

Other Co-op Documentation

All board meetings are held on the  third Wednesday of each month, 4:30-7:30PM

Board Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at

the new building,

907 Pope St., Silver City.

Everyone is welcome to attend!

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