To all Co-op Customers! We’re now offering curbside pickup! 

Orders are to be placed by sending an email with your order to: 

All orders are final, no returns. 

There is a minimum $40 purchase. If, due to out-of-stocks, your order is less than $35, we will issue a SCFC gift card to you for the balance. 

Please, clearly provide as much information as you can when making your order. This includes: Name and contact info, quantity, brand, flavor, etc. If possible, include the UPC number, as well. Also, a product that you request may be out of stock. If there is a specific substitution that you'd like, kindly include that on your request form. Otherwise indicate that you will allow us to make that substitution for you.

A Co-op staff person will contact you when your order is ready.  Please allow 4 hours.  Orders placed after 2pm will be filled the following day.

When you arrive at the Co-op, call to let us know you’re here. 575-388-2343

A summary receipt will be brought to you, curbside, and your credit or EBT card will be picked up and taken inside. If using EBT, be advised that you will need to provide the SCFC employee helping you with your PIN number. 

Card payment will be made inside. 

Lastly…hurray! Your groceries, card, and final receipt will be brought out to your vehicle.  

Please have patience as we develop this new process as a safer, more convenient shopping alternative for folks who need help.  

Maintaining a Healthy Co-op Together

In light of COVID-19 coronavirus in New Mexico, we are taking steps to minimize exposure to our shoppers and staff members. Read more...

Due to ordering and supply constraints, 

the Co-op will not be able to place customer special orders, except for bulk herbs and supplements, moving forward. We will update you when this changes. We are sorry for any inconvenience

this may cause you, our valued customers,

during a difficult time . 

Please note that we are now limiting the

number of customers in the store at one time

to 8 people. Please be conscious of the time

it takes to complete your shopping, as there

will be other people waiting to come in. We

are all learning new ways to gather the

supplies that we need and to work together.

Thank you for your continued

cooperation and support.