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SUPER SEEDS! Our Donation Program

  Is Underway!!

The incredible opportunity that our Co-op has been presented with is almost beyond imagination!

We are pursuing this not really for you or me. 

It's for our kids and grandkids.

It's for the future traveler searching for a place where they can

live simply and healthily.

It's for our community as we'll provide a focal point for

cooperative living.

We will need to obtain funding from different sources such as Member loans, bank loans and grants to make this relocation happen.

But first we are starting off with Donations!

Donations are the absolute best way to fund a Co-op.  Actually owned by our Members, the group economic power is what capitalizes Co-ops instead of deep private pockets or stockholders on the stock exchange.

But dollars are tight all over in these times.  Many of us do not have the means to help in this manner.  

Personally, I looked at all the places I contribute to through the year from saving elephants, to helping the homeless, political and medical causes.


They are great causes.  They all deserve support.  And so do we.  So I figured for at least 1 year, I can donate to the Co-op and hold off a little on these other worthy causes.


In my column in the September Garbanzo Gazette, I mentioned that I will start off our online donation campaign with a hefty sum

-- at least pretty hefty for me.

So, today I am making a $1,000 donation through this site.

I'll feel that in my personal budget but I believe that

our Co-op is a shining beacon and worth this support.

I wonder how many others out there

share my feelings about our Co-op.

I wonder if we have 100 folks who can donate at least $1,000.  Wouldn't that be something!

And could there be more than 100 folks? 

And how many can donate $500?  $100? $50? $25? $10? $5? or even $1?


This online donation page is not the only way to donate!

You can donate at the registers and we have a donation box too!

As a matter of fact we have already received two checks before we even started this effort: one for $1,000 and one for $500.


Please consider donating to this amazing Co-op so that we can help more folks in our community gain health and vitality!

Together, we can make this relocation happen! 

With enough investment, we can make our new home energy efficient and a model of green thinking in our renovation as well as providing us with the foods we want!

Joe Z, GM of the Silver City Food Co-op, Nov 18th 2018

Donations made to the Co-op are NOT tax deductible.

Dollars raised will first go to architects and engineers so we can develop excellent plans and obtain permits.

Number 3 of the Seven Co-operative Principles is
Member Economic Participation.

CLICK HERE to read the current version of the Business Plan!


The Silver City Food Co-op is a member-owned cooperative that provides healthful food and products, supports local growers and vendors, and cultivates a responsive environment for Members, Staff and Community



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