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I would like to have Rules of Use of this forum published here, or at least a reminder that any who submit feedback keep Co-operation in mind and word. I want to know who moderates this forum, and their criteria for such moderation.

Toni - 08/05/18

Unfortunately this is not a forum which is preferred.  I've seen too many forums get degraded by incivil and hostile folks and we just want to get comments and input at this point.  Surely this will be run in a cooperative and civil fashion.  I do not want to censor and prefer to put all comments on this page.  At the same time - I am exploring other forum software so we can eventually get to a freer flow.  The main idea is to explore different communication means so that we can get good dialogues happening.  We are experimenting with this.  Obviously, I'll be moderating right now.  I'll answer what I can and have others respond if the it is beyond my scope of knowledge.   - Joe Z

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