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Three of Kenyon’s favorite products:

1. Turmeric from bulk: main ingredient used in golden milk, a drink that mixes turmeric, coconut oil, black pepper extract and non-dairy or dairy milk and is used by many to lower inflammation.

2. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar: main ingredient in Kenyon’s other favorite drink – an apple cider vinegar tonic which is made with distilled water and optional honey or molasses. These tonics have many reported uses including aiding in digestion, balancing PH, maintaining healthy weight and relieving muscle pain and sore throats.

3. Garden of Life Raw Fit protein powder because it is organic, raw, derived from plant protein and low in sugar. Kenyon uses this protein powder in his daily green shakes.

When Kenyon isn’t busy at home raising his eight-year-old daughter, Hayla, he’s busy at the Co-op advising customers about healthy lifestyle choices. He says helping customers in this way is his favorite thing about working at the Co-op. “Every day I share a golden milk recipe and an apple cider vinegar tonic recipe with the customers. I think that helps a lot of people out and that’s really what I thrive on – is hearing people say, ‘Thank you so much, that really helped me out a lot!’ It really makes me feel good and is the best part of working here at the Co-op,” says Kenyon.

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