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Board of Directors


Silver City Food Co-op Board of Directors Election 2021

Voting for our new Board will take place from December 1 to December 14 at 7pm

This year we have 5 openings on our Board of  Directors and 5 candidates. 

Write-in candidates are allowed.


To secure a seat on the Board, a candidate must receive over 50% of the vote.

Click on each candidate to see their Candidate's Statement.

Sandy Lang

Shanti Ceane

David Burr
Paul Slattery

                                                      Leo Andrade

You can access and print a ballot here.

Please Vote.

Our system of needing a majority of the ballots cast  allows our Membership to NOT vote for a candidate.  For example:  A candidate runs on a platform to sell the Co-op to Walmart.  This candidate receives 20 votes out of 500 ballots cast.  In a system where you just need the most votes cast, as in our situation were we have the same amount of candidates as openings for a full Board, this candidate would gain a seat.  In our system, you would need 251 votes to gain a seat ensuring that the Membership's voice is heard.  If there are open seats after the election, the  Board Members can appoint folks until the next election.

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