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How to Become a Member

It’s easy, just fill out the form below to join online, or see a cashier in the store to sign up in person.


Membership is $20 per year per household. There is no work requirement.

By joining the Co-op you become part of a member owned, member controlled business that operates for the mutual benefit of its members and community and is guided by the co-operative principles and values.

Why Should You Become a Member?

You have a chance to be a member of and support a store committed to bringing you the highest quality local and organic produce, dairy products, healthy groceries, bulk foods and herbs, supplements, natural body care products and more.

Membership grants you an opportunity to purchase selected products off-the-shelf at SPECIAL MEMBER PRICES!

Members may place special orders for cases and other bulk quantities of our products and receive a members only 10% discount. 

As a voting member you have the opportunity to share in the decision-making process by electing board members, voting on membership issues, and providing membership input.

You are eligible to run for the board of directors and are welcome to attend monthly board meetings.


You will be eligible to receive a 10% discount on all store purchases on Member Appreciation Days throughout the year.


A chance to join our Volunteer Program. Members can sign up to work Co-op events and receive a 15% shelf discount for one day for each 3 hours of work.

Become a member today!  Just fill out the form below and invest your annual $20 equity payment here.

                 Silver City Food Co-op Certificate of Equity
                   Equity is how co-ops capitalize the business. An equity share in the Silver City                         Food Co-op is $20 and is good for one year of member benefits at which time the         benefits expire and another share needs to be purchased. The actual dollar amount of your equity is cumulative and tracked. You may request your equity be returned if you  terminate your membership; the amount refunded, if any, is determined by the Board of Directors minus any outstanding amounts you owe the Co-p and processing fees. [Bylaws VIII] 
Equity is always a risk.


Membership Type
Members can reduce waste atthe Co-op by opting out of prnted receipts. Click below to opt out of paper receipts and receive email receipts instead. (Paper receipts can be reprinted for you anytime.)

Thank you for supporting the Co-op!

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