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Curbside Pickup - Let Us Shop for You!


Silver City Food Co-op is continuing to offer curbside pickup to folks who need a little help with their shopping. This service is for everyone. You do not need to be a member to participate.


Orders for same-day pickup must be submitted by 2 p.m., but we strongly encourage you to do so earlier, if possible. We are limited

as to the number of staff who put orders together for our customers.

You are more than welcome to send your order in the previous

day, if that's most convenient for you.

Orders are placed by sending your list, in an email, to Please be very clear

as to which items you would like and how many of each. 

Occasionally, a product is unavailable. If an item you want is

out of stock, we will try to offer a similar item as a substitution. 

Please indicate if you would NOT like us to do this.


There is a minimum $40 purchase. If your total comes to a lesser amount, due to out-of-stock items, no worries. You'll still be

able to purchase your food!


This program is intended to fill a need for an alternative shopping system and we work hard to make sure that curbside customers are happy with the service that we provide. We appreciate your support.

If you have questions, please call 575-388-2343.

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