Round Up 

Donation Program

The Silver City Food Co-op has initiated a community donation program called the Round Up

Program where customers can round up the balance of their total purchase to the nearest dollar

and donate that amount to a local non-profit.

This type of donation program was started in 2011 by the Seward Community Food Co-op by

their cashiers, and has been so successful, that it is now in more than fifty Food Co-ops across

the country! Each month, the Silver City Food Co-op will have a poster above the cash registers

announcing the current non-profit recipient. There will also be information at each register about

the group, and each recipient will have brochures about their organization available at the front

of the Co-op. The recipient will also be available at least twice during the month in the Co-op to talk to member/owners and customers about their organization.

The Silver City Food Co-op is proud of our cashiers who make this program work so we can
give to our community. We are also very grateful to our members and customers who are so
generous in their giving to our community. The Silver City Food Co-op follows the seven
cooperative principles including Concern for Community and we strive to connect in meaningful
ways to our community.

Application Deadline is October 31st, 2021

Please use the online form