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Give Us Your Feedback, Thoughts and Comments!

The Business Plan is in draft form - currently 1e.  It is open to input and feedback so that all of us can take part in this process. Please consider the following:

> What are we missing?

> What do you think we should add?

> Is there a confusing passage?

> Report typos and grammar errors

> Do you have skills and time to help?
> What areas/departments would you like to see added to the new location?

> What other products would you like us to carry?
> Would you be shopping more at the Co-op with more parking and space?

> What can we do to ensure that the new place holds true to Cooperative Values and Principles?


The comments are moderated.  Thoughts and opinions will not be censored but attacks and incivility is not in the best interests of Co-operation.

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