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Serving on the Board of Directors

The Silver City Food Co-op needs skilled and attentive member-owners for effective board functioning. Thank you for considering being a part of the governing

body of our Co-op.


What is the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Silver City Food Co-op, providing long-range visioning, ensuring the protection of the Co-op's assets, hiring and monitoring the general manager using policy governance, and ensuring that the purpose and mission of the Co-op are always considered in our decisions.

How are directors elected?

Co-op member-owners elect directors once a year, with this year's election scheduled for October 7-20, 2024.

How many board positions are open for the 2024 election?

This year, an election will be held for three positions – all for three-year terms.

How long do directors serve?

Directors usually serve a term of three years and may run for re-election. The length of terms is staggered to maintain experienced directors on the board at all times and to ensure adequate training to new directors. Please see our Board Members page.

Board director candidate requirements

   -Candidates must be at least 18 years of age.

   -Candidates must also be a Silver City Food Co-op member-owner, in good standing, for at       least 90 days prior to the end of the voting period. NOTE: Household members who are         not the member-owner who signed the share certificate are ineligible.


Qualities needed in board candidates

    -Have or be willing to acquire email and internet access for communication purposes. 

   - Be able to attend monthly meetings and retreats. 

   - Team-oriented and reliable Co-op members with varying backgrounds who are ready to             serve the Co-op.

    -Experience with business, cooperative models, prior board work, human relations, food            industry, finance, real estate, technology, or state law is helpful. 

Other suggestions offered to potential

  candidates for board director

   -Attend one or more of the Board's committee meetings. 

   -Attend at least 1-2  board meetings prior to the election.

   -Talk with current or past directors.

Responsibilities for directors

If elected, here are your responsibilities:

   -Understanding and complying with the principles of policy governance and the role of               policy while making decisions.

   -Attending monthly board meetings where the official business of the board is conducted.       -Attendance can be either online or in person.

   -Joining board committees. Each director is expected to participate on two of the four                standing board committees which meet on varying schedules. These committees are board        and manager evaluation, finance, member connect, and elections.

   -Participating in special meetings and trainings , such as executive sessions, member forums,       the Co-op's annual membership meeting, and trainings set by the board.

   -Attending one or two retreats held each year to build teamwork or work on a specific task         related to the strategic plan.

   -Speaking with one voice. We take our many points of view and come to consensus as a               board before communicating with the community. 

   -Performing duties with confidentiality. During board tenure, directors agree to honor our      Directors' Code of Conduct for sensitive issues and continue to honor confidentiality after       leaving board service. 

Standing Committee Charters

Board and Manager Evaluation Committee

Finance Committee Charter

Member Connect Committee Committee Charter

Election Committee

Candidate Statements and the election process

Each candidate will be asked to submit a candidate statement of up to 350 words explaining their qualifications and interest in joining the board. Candidates will also go through an interview process with elections committee members. Candidate statements, Q and As and photos will be publicized prior to the election to assist members with their vote selection. 

Please submit your candidate statement to


When is the deadline for the Board director election?

Submission deadline for candidate statements is August 16, 2024. Board directors will review and recommend candidates who meet the requirements to the membership. Candidates who submit statements after the deadline date, or who do not get board recommendation, may be a write-in candidate on the ballot with a petition of 5% of the current active membership. Deadline for write-in candidates is September 10, 2024.

Board Compensation

Board members are compensated with their choice of either a discount or gift card. Some other expenses are also reimbursed. 


Become a  board member

Joining the Board is an excellent opportunity to learn and practice good leadership and  governance, serve your community, and to help steer the future of our cooperative. Contact our elections chair at to get started. 



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